Most men want to be the king when it comes to the bedroom, but guys still have fantasies and are often too afraid to bring them up. Talking about sex can be a tricky subject, and many men are worried they could scare their partners away.

A safe way to bring up potentially taboo topics to your partner is to phrase your fantasy in a dream. One morning, tell your partner you had a crazy dream last night that involved whatever sexy scenario you want to explore.

Use your partner’s reaction to gauge how to proceed next. If he or she likes the idea, then maybe suggest bringing your fantasies into reality. If your partner laughs or thinks you’re nuts, then there’s no harm done, it was only a silly dream!

It turns out everyone has things they wish they could experience in the bedroom, and while some are kinkier than others, there should be no harm in having an honest conversation with your partner.

While men may or may not be talking to their partners, they are talking to the internet! Here are six of the top things men are too afraid to ask for in the bedroom. See if you agree with our sex wish list:

1. Be hands on!

No one wants to have sex with someone who just lays there. Ladies, use those hands to bring things to the next level. Get grabby, pull some hair, scratch his back, run those long fingernails down his neck. Pull him closer and let him know you really want him.