In 1964, Walt Disney unveiled his animatronic President Lincoln to the people of the New York World’s Fair, where the audience were left stunned at speechless at the technological advances Disney and his team had been able to display.

The show, titled “Great Moments With President Lincoln”, was the prime feature of the State of Illinois Pavilion, and would go on to inspire the amazing animatronics we can still find at Disney today, including their ever-popular “Hall of Presidents” at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

However, yesterday Disney unveiled their latest addition to the attraction – a robot Donald Trump – which has also left audiences stunned. But for a very, very different reason.

Their inclusion of the 45th President of the United States has been met with criticism, as the robot simply does not resemble the leader of the nation.

In fact, a lot of people are saying that the creepy robot looks more like Hilary Clinton in Donald Trump’s suit!

Sure, the technology is still remarkable and they appear to have got his animated gestures down to a T – but the face… Well, it’s the thing of nightmares.

Seriously, whether you love or hate Trump, it cannot be denied that his robot version is nothing short of creepy.

Do you think Disney needs to fire their head of animatronics?

It truly is haunting stuff. And needless to say, the people of Twitter were equally as horrified, and so decided to sum up their thoughts about the updated attracting in 280 characters:

I certainly won’t be using my Disney Fast Pass to get in…