In today’s modern world, people are constantly reminded of what true beauty looks like. Whether you watch a television show, a movie, scroll through Instagram or Facebook, or even open up a magazine on your morning commute, a slim and attractive person with a gym-honed body will be staring back at you.

For many people, the ongoing pressure to get in shape can be enough to make them stick their hands in their pockets, pull out their wallets and cough up for a personal trainer. Some people will obviously see results this way, but for an unlucky few, they will have hired a PT who thinks they’re some sort of sergeant major, and that only tough love will see results.

The individuals in the following list took to Whisper to reveal the most hurtful things their personal trainers have ever said to them – and they’re pretty damn harsh!

1. He definitely didn’t sugarcoat it

At some point, surely these personal trainers have to question the quality of their training…

2. Some will disagree…

…and say that without the personal trainer’s attitude, that this woman would never have succeeded by wanting to prove her wrong.

3. Playing the family card

Talk about harsh! Who’s the worse role model here?

4. Maybe the PT just didn’t want to lose your custom?

But attitudes like this can seriously damage a person’s mental health.

Sometimes personal trainers need to realize that they’re being PAID by these people to HELP them. There’s no reason to be a d*** about it.