Some of the worst injuries we acquire as kids are the result of jumping off things. Whether it’s a jungle gym, a treehouse, or even just the kitchen table, it doesn’t take us long to realize it’s not a good idea. But there are some people who never grow out of the habit.

Clearly they get a thrill from having a near miss, however, as time goes on, they go to increasingly extreme lengths to get their fix. What might have started out as an innocent adventure on a jungle gym can soon escalate to jumping off a 50ft cliff.

In fact, jumping from cliffs into water is now so popular that it’s got its own name – ‘Tombstoning’. Despite the fact that it’s caused multiple injuries and even fatalities, people haven’t been deterred from participating in this dangerous trend.

One of the people who decided that this act of immense stupidity was a good idea was this guy, pictured above, who found internet fame as a result of his decision to jump off a 50ft cliff – but it wasn’t because it looked cool, it was because what happened after he lept.

The video, which was taken in Germany, shows the man leaping from a 50ft cliff onto a boat full of people.


Check out the shocking jump in the video below:

Credit: 1967TimeMachine

“Fifty foot [descent] onto boat coming out of cave. So wild. Glad that I survived, I was rewarded with an extended trip, but it was in a hospital (sic),” the jumper wrote in the YouTube description of the video, before adding, “the landing can be judged freely.”

“None of the passengers were injured, and just my left arm was broken… It was a simple mistake that almost killed me,” he said.

As the old saying goes; “If you’re going to jump off a 50-foot cliff onto a boat full of people, you’re going to get hurt.”