Being given a cancer diagnosis is a terrible thing to go through, but having only three months to live unless a bone marrow donor is found is unthinkable.

One young woman in China is now facing the toughest fight in her short life after being diagnosed with leukemia and requiring a transplant. The 18-year-old’s father is a bone marrow match, but he has refused to show up for the medical procedure.

The woman, named Xinxin, was diagnosed three months ago and was given just months to live. To prevent the cancerous cells from spreading and to prolong Xinxin’s life as long as possible, she has been undergoing chemotherapy at Henan People’s Hospital in Zhengzhou.

Her cancer is a complicated case, and she has developed a rare condition. Her doctor, Dr. Bai Yanliang, Xinxin’s hematology specialist, claims she has both sarcoma and abnormal blood cells in her bone marrow. 

Sarcoma is a second type of cancer where tumors grow on soft connective tissue, where leukemia is cancer of the blood.

Xinxin’s leukemia could be cured with a bone marrow transplant, significantly increasing her chances for long-term survival. Although Xinxin’s parents are divorced, her biological father had agreed to be her donor.