It’s very easy for people to take things that come naturally to them for granted. I’m not just talking about material items like cell phones, or even food – I’m talking about the full abilities of our amazing bodies.

Every day the majority of us can see, speak, smell and hear – when so many people out there can do those simple things that can bring us so much joy. For example, can you imagine living a life where you’ve never heard music? Or your family laugh? Or your son speak? Well for 26 years, this was the life for Amy.

However thanks to remarkable new technology, Amy has been given the gift of hearing. Grab the tissues, because the video is an emotional rollercoaster.

After sitting down with her doctor, Amy tests a few implants which promise deaf people the opportunity to hear. Due to a variety of factors, there is no guarantee they’ll work for every patient – but this was the day Amy’s life changed forever.

The video shows Amy surrounded by her loved ones, as her doctor places an implant in her ear. I was recorded and uploaded by Amy’s aunt, Catherine Arnold, who posted it with the following caption: “Takes a few minutes but worth the experience.”

Amy had never heard her parents talk, or her son laugh – so this is a truly beautiful moment to watch.

“Hi mom,” Amy’s son says excitedly, which of course brings tears to his mother’s eyes.

Arnold wrote the following statement in the video’s description:

“Our niece has been deaf since she was born. She has never heard the sound of her parents voice or her 6 year old son, Blake. Every day for the next several months she will learn how sound works and where it comes from.”