Like most people who enjoy a few drinks over the weekend, I have Uber to thank for getting me home safe and sound on dozens of occasions. I can’t imagine what it must be like to put up with drunk passengers all night, as they tuck into their kebabs and demand that you turn the radio up.

Let’s face it, taxi drivers have the patience of saints.

However, this dashcam footage shows the moment one taxi driver had finally had enough of his rude passengers, after they started passionately romping in the back of his car.

The pair were reportedly drunk when the driver picked them up and had asked to be taken home. Although, it seems that their lust was just too strong, as the woman quickly mounted her beau on the backseat.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by a vlogger known to followers as ‘Hardworking Cab Driver’, shows the driver in shock at the pure audacity of the couple, as he struggles to conceal a smirk as they get down and dirty.

Would you have thrown these two out of your taxi, or just gone along for the ride?

To translate, the driver reportedly told them: “Are you out of your minds? I should leave my car so you can have sex in it? Go to the pub and do it there.”

As the couple leave the car and pay the fare for their shortened ride, our heroic driver reportedly told them to have a “nice time” in the pub.

He then tells the camera: “They are f***ed up, they can shove their animal instincts up their a****. They wanted to f*** inside my car. He asked if I could walk around my car for ten minutes, as if, like, he could last ten minutes.”

Undoubtedly, this driver just gained a few more subscribers!