Let’s be honest, we have all wanted to slap one of our colleagues at some point. What stops us is the fact that we’d undoubtedly lose our jobs after a lengthy meeting with the HR department. However, for one company in China, slapping those you work with is not only condoned, it is celebrated, forced and encouraged.

The beauty and skincare company, Nanchang Jinhuayuan Meiye, has caused mass controversy in China, and now across the world, after a video from their 14th-anniversary gala went viral online.

Apparently, as punishment for the business’ underperformance, female employees were made to kneel on stage and slap each other continually to build “team spirit” and maintain their jobs.

The women, apparently from the sales department, performed the strange act in front of hundreds of other colleagues on stage until their boss told them they could stop.

After the alarming clip was uploaded online, it quickly attracted millions of views from concerned citizens who were appalled by the business’ handling of the situation.

An unnamed company spokesman tried to justify the cruel punishment by explaining how it was “a show of team spirit” before going on to add: “It happened during the opening of our year-end gala, and only once. Our team is strong.”

Meanwhile, users online weren’t satisfied with this explanation. Instead, they called out for the company to be investigated by the police for “employee abuse.”

It is unclear if the police will investigate the matter, but in the meantime, it is safe to assume that the sales department won’t be very busy in the wake of this scandal!