Those of us who have had to deal with acne really understand how a breakout can destroy our confidence. This is especially true for Brianna Lopez. Her job puts her skin into the spotlight every day she works.

Brianna is a model from Los Angeles with a severe case of acne. In order to progress in her industry, a person has to be practically flawless, which is why Brianna has come up with a genius way to clear her skin and keep it that way.

After trying a lot of products and medications, she soon found out that natural remedies and homemade masks work the best, admitting that a lot of the things she uses on her face are everyday household items you can buy at the grocery store.

After much success, Brianna decided to share before and after pictures of her skin on Instagram and the photos went viral.

People were so impressed with her transformation that Brianna created a step-by-step instructional video, which has now been viewed over 16000 times!