Now, I’ve never bought drugs, but I’ve always imagined what my strategy would be if I ever had to meet up with a dealer in order to score a baggy of the good stuff.

I’ve always thought it was too obvious to have the deal go down somewhere quiet and “out of the way”, such as under a bridge or behind the oak tree in the far corner of the park. No, I’d probably feel safest taking my dealer out on a wonderful date – maybe catch a film and then have a romantic dinner – and after they’ve walked me to my front door, quickly slip him a $20 as he discretely slips me my sought after eighth.

(You can see the reason I’ve never bought drugs – It’s because nobody will sell them to me.)

However, it seems as if two guys took my advice of hiding in plain sight a little too seriously, and completed their deal in front of TV cameras.

This is the moment the two men were inadvertently recorded executing an apparent drug deal during a live news broadcast.

The footage shows a Fox 25 reporter speaking on camera outside to two studio anchors about the recent New York snowstorms. However, he is completely oblivious to the apparent drug deal occurring behind him.

The reporter’s colleagues in the studio can be heard laughing as two men in the background walk up to each other and appear to exchange a package and money. They then go off in opposite directions.

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think: