You probably remember Hanson as the 90s boyband which was made up of three brothers who ultimately became some of the biggest heartthrobs of their generation.

When the Hanson Brothers released their very first single ‘MMMBop’ in 1997, they instantly became an international hit with teeny boppers all around the world.

They turned into a household name overnight, managing to sell a whopping 16 million records worldwide.

And incredibly, the youngest member of the band, Zac, was just 11 years old when he and his brothers began making music. The eldest brother, Isaac, was 16 and Taylor was 14 when they were given their own record deal.

And guess what, it has now been 25 years since the immense success of their first hit ‘MMMBop’.

What’s more, the former child stars now have 12 children between them!

Taylor, who is now 34, has the most adorable story of how he and his wife, Natalie, got together – they met back in 2000 after a Hanson concert. They have certainly come a long way since then and now the couple have five children together, the eldest of whom is 13 years old.

And as fate would have it, Zac, who is now 32 years old and has four kids, met his wife Kate at the exact same concert that his brother Taylor met his wife, Natalie!

Now anyone who has remained a fan of the boyband over the decades will be pleased to know that they have released a new Christmas album for the holiday season.

In an appearance on Dr. Phil, the brothers discuss the process of making the album and how their lives have changed since the heyday of Hanson. Check it out below: