There are certain dates throughout your life where you can precisely recall your exact location due to the horrifying events that took place on that day. For your grandparents, that date would likely be July 28, 1914 – the date that World War I was declared – for your parents, it could be November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated.

Meanwhile, for those born after these events, there are two significant dates which shocked the world: September 11, 2001 – a date which needs no introduction – and August 31, 1997, the date Princess Diana died when the car she was traveling in crashed in a tunnel in Paris.

The feeling of intense grief is still potent today, despite 20 years having passed since the people’s princess passed away. Every time that Prince William or Harry experience a significant life event, their mother’s void is clear to see.

Her death shocked the world when it was announced in the summer on ’97. The princess, who was only 36-years-old at the time of her death, had lived a turbulent life, but nobody expected it to end in such a brutal and cruel way.

The minute that Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, her life was probed and picked apart underneath the intense glare of the media spotlight, like a sample in a lab’s petri-dish, every aspect of Diana’s life was analyzed and scrutinized.

So when, in 1997, she began to date Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian billionaire, the paparazzi became the third party in the relationship. Wherever Dodi and Diana went, they followed. This was no different on the night of August 31, 1997, as the mother-of-two left The Ritz in Paris with Dodi – whose father owns the hotel.

Desperate to escape the unrelenting flashes of the awaiting paparazzi’s cameras, the hotel’s security devised a plan to ensure that they’d be able to get away quickly and quietly. However, this plan, as we all know, would put the princess in more danger.