Professional wrestling has divided the opinion of the public for decades. On one side you have the diehard fanatics who appreciate the sport-entertainment spectacle as the athletic artform it is. And there are those that believe it is fake nonsense.

Personally speaking, I am a wrestling fan, and although I can happily hold my hands up and say it is predetermined, scripted, choreographed and often ridiculous – I will never describe it as “fake”.

Why? Well, the following video showcases the very real physical risks that come with being a professional wrestler.

Female wrestler Goya Kong (real name Gloria Alvarado Nava) is currently signed to Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (known simply as AAA), where she has been destroying male and female opponents with her dominant size.

However, during a match at the Juan de la Barrera Olympic Gymnasium in Mexico, the ‘luchadora’ performed an elevated senton bomb off the ring apron (also known as a ‘cannonball’) onto three opponents. Unfortunately, the female wrestler over-rotated her body, and she landed with all of her 187 lbs on one leg, causing the bone to snap.

The footage is difficult to watch. You have been warned:

The 30-year-old star can be seen screaming in agony, as medical professionals rush to attend to her. She was soon transported to hospital, where she received emergency surgery to repair her leg.

She posted the following message to her fans on social media:

“Despite the fact that it is a bad injury, I want to carry on. God sends his best warriors into the worst battles.”

Kong is expected to miss between 6-12 months of action.