Participating in professional sports will often inevitably result in some sort of injury. Whether it be self-inflicted or the result of an over-ambitious opponent, there is no escaping the first aid kit.

However, despite the fact every career choice comes complete with its own risks, there are few jobs as notoriously dangerous as professional Muay Thai boxing. The relatively unregulated sport is extremely popular across the world, especially in the Indian cultural hemisphere where it was born.

And the fact the sport involves voluntarily getting hit in the face probably makes it one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.

Don’t believe me? This video will definitely change your mind.

The video was uploaded by fight spectator and friend of the competitor, Jonny Betts, and shows the moment one of the competitors, called Jeremy, received a skull-fracturing elbow to the forehead.

The video was accompanied with the following caption:

“Video of the elbow that broke Jeremy’s skull on Monday night. As you can see he wasn’t fazed by it at all and wanted to continue the fight but the doctor called it off for his safety. He’s recovering well from the surgery and hopes to be back training in a few months, but obviously no head contact for a long time. #MuayThai #warrior #SkullFracture”

You can see the confusion on Jeremy’s face and hear the horror from the crowd. This is brutal:

But fear not, after the doctors stopped the match, Jeremy was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received emergency treatment and surgery. Bett’s provided the following updated on his friend:

It’s great to see Jeremy WITHOUT the massive dent in his head, and we wish him all the best in his recovery.