Having a baby is an incredibly exciting time in a woman’s life. However, not all pregnancies go to plan. In fact, one-in-three will end in a miscarriage during the first trimester, but, after this time period, the majority of pregnancies progress smoothly.

Antenatal scans give expectant mothers a chance to see their babies and check up on them as their pregnancies continue. But they are also an opportunity for doctors to monitor a baby’s progress and detect any serious abnormalities at the same time.

Thirty-year-old Hayley Martin from England was one of the unfortunate women who are told every year that there is something wrong with their unborn child.

The couple, who already have three children together, were delighted to discover that they were expecting a fourth earlier this year. However, Hayley suspected that something was wrong when she was 19 weeks pregnant and barely had a baby bump.

At her 20-week scan, she discovered that her baby was suffering from bilateral renal agenesis – a rare genetic disorder.

Doctors then had to deliver the heartbreaking news that her baby would inevitably die during labor or a few minutes after birth. In an attempt to spare Hayley from further trauma, she was advised to have a termination so that she would not have to face burying her child.

In an emotional interview on the British talk show This Morning, Hayley opened up about her unborn baby’s devastating diagnosis. “We didn’t even consider it [the termination],” she said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way though. She is my child.”

Hayley was joined by her 30-year-old husband Scott during the interview, and she revealed how their baby, a girl, was going to live on.