Did you enjoy 2017? No, me neither. This time last year we were all oblivious to the feeling of utter despair that the New Year would bring almost instantaneously. From Donald Trump’s inauguration in January to the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal that hit the headlines in October, 2017 has certainly thrown everything at us.

The unstoppable stream of bad news was particularly painful because we’d expected so much from 2017. Disparaged by Brexit, the US presidential election, the deaths of practically every icon in the entertainment industry, multiple terrorist attacks and Harambe’s murder death, 2016 looked like the worst year on record.

But, then 2017 arrived and made us forget everything we thought we knew.

Now, as 2018 approaches, human civilization is hopeful that our infinite streak of bad luck will end. However, before you allow yourself to dream of a peaceful planet, it may be worth reading the predictions for the forthcoming year…

1. People aren’t going to own anything

Millennials and Generation Z are often, wrongly, associated with nothing more than avocado on toast, artisan coffees and Netflix binges. As a result, financial experts predict that this generation could be one of the poorest when it comes to assets.

Rupert Hunt, CEO of SpareRoom – the UK roommate-matching site – has predicted that “with Generation Z going into the workforce in 2018, we’re going to see one of the first generations that haven’t grown up with the expectation of ownership, and are less emotionally wedded to it.” Thus, everything is likely to change – maybe even for the better? (Just don’t tell the Baby Boomers I said that!).

2. Bitcoin is going to go big

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in 2017 (a tempting way to live in this tumultuous climate) then you’ll have heard of Bitcoin. Trying to explain what it is, however, is practically impossible…

But, you don’t need to be a financial expert to know that Bitcoin is blowing up right now – and, in 2018 it is scheduled to go off the scale.

According to The Telegraph, “Bitcoin will peak above $60,000 in 2018 before crashing to its fundamental production cost of $1,000 the following year.”

As we are all too acutely aware in this modern world, financial crashes are inevitable. So it won’t be any surprise that in 2018, the Bitcoin is expected to pop one of the largest financial bubbles in history.