Seven years ago, Christen McGinnes attempted to kill herself. She took a gun, held it to her head and pulled the trigger. Instead of instant death, she survived but lost her eye, a third of her teeth and tongue, her right jawbone and the lower half of her mouth. 

Christen says that up until 2009 she had lived a “charmed life”. She loved her job, had a close family, a loving boyfriend, and a wonderful group of friends. Then, seemingly in an instant, all of that changed.

“I lost my job, my grandmother died. I was dating a really nice guy. I moved in with him and then he broke up with me. I’d lost all of my savings and began drinking heavily,” Christen revealed.

Depressed and without hope, she thought to commit suicide was “the right thing to do”. Christen planed her death carefully. Knowing others would be arriving at the apartment, she tidied up, and, still showing consideration for others, decided to pull the trigger on her balcony.

“I tidied the apartment because I knew people will be coming and I went out in the balcony because I was afraid the bullet will go through my head and through the wall and hurt someone else,” she said.

“I was calm for the first time in months. I wasn’t afraid to die. So I pulled the trigger.”

Christen’s saving grace was that she did not realize that her roommate was sleeping in another room. He heard the gunshot and rushed to Christen’s aid.