Everyone has had a bad dining experience. Perhaps the server was rude, or the order was mixed up, or maybe the food never arrived at all. We’ve all been there. Usually, the restaurant apologizes, no one gets a tip, and everyone just moves on with their lives.

That’s not the case for one woman in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her horrible dining experience takes the cake, not so much for what she was served, but for what the restaurant printed on her dining receipt!

Anna Warrender and two of her friends ate at a diner called Brewhemia in Edinburg on Saturday night. The service was terrible and they had to wait 45 minutes for their main meal while being given just 15 minutes to finish dessert. 

Warrender rightfully made a complaint. The restaurant apologized and gave her party a free bottle of prosecco worth $30. That should have been a happy resolution to an unsatisfactory experience, right? Wrong.

Despite spending £160 (or nearly $215) at the restaurant, there was a special message written on Warrender’s receipt. It was clear, that despite apologizing and offering the free bottle of prosecco, the restaurant did not truly see any error in their ways.