The world is a weird place, and it grows only more bizarre with every passing day. From unidentified sea creatures washing up on the shore, to whatever new words Donald Trump is tweeting (did anybody ever find out what “covfefe” was?), it would appear that the world as we know it, is a melting pot of weird.

However, just when you thought it couldn’t become any stranger. It does. This time it is courtesy of nature, which has produced something so disturbing that you’ll never want to leave the safety of your home again…

When this Twitter user found a strange, unidentified object in her garden, she was instantly disturbed. Clueless as to what the mysterious, oozing sac of goo was, she became concerned. Her alarm was then intensified when the strange mass began to move…

The strange egg was hatching. Rather than run for the hills, the woman set up a camera to capture the whole process. After all, the strange object could be an alien species and capturing the moment it came to life would be pivotal to scientists.

As the small orb of goo began to move, a haunting red shape became visible below the transparent layers. But, it wasn’t until it emerged through the shell, that it began to really take shape…

To an innocent viewer, the birth of the bizarre creature could easily be a clip from the latest alien movie to hit the big screen. However, this wasn’t an artfully designed set and the egg was a real, living, breathing organism. The only thing the two would have in common is the ability to make you hide behind your sofa!

The video instantly went viral online as people questioned what on earth was hiding within the egg. Luckily, it was not an alien, but it could easily be mistaken for one. Are you brave enough to watch the video? Not many people are…

The fascinating footage captures the moment the strange species emerges into the sunlight, in a flash of red:

Despite your better judgment, we bet that you watched the clip. If you did, you’re probably wondering what the unidentified object is? Well, it is the aptly named Devil’s Finger Mushroom (Clathrus archeri). 

Unsurprisingly, the mushroom is native to the home of all the world’s most terrifying creatures; Australia and New Zealand. However, it has recently been introduced to Europe, North America, and Asia.

In maturity, the sinister-looking fungi smell like putrid flesh, which is not altogether unexpected when you catch a glimpse of it. Here is to hoping we never have to see one in real life! Instead, it shall remain in our worst nightmares.

Mycologists (those who study mushrooms) claim the Devil’s Finger Mushroom to be part of the Fungi family. Although, it is safe to assume that it could also be classed as an alien species.

Thankfully, the internet has educated us on the identity of this foul Fungi, so that should we discover it ourselves we know to run a mile in the opposite direction! Not today thank you, Devil Fingers!