It can be pretty difficult to know how to attract a member of the opposite sex, or alternatively, how to keep them intrigued if you’ve already managed to pique their interest.

That’s why online publications will often create lists of dos and don’ts in relation to how best to attract a potential partner.

However, when one woman wrote an essay on what men find unattractive about women, many of the ladies who read it had a bit of a bone to pick with her about it.

Here’s a handy little break down of the essay, but try not to take it at face-value:

1. Wearing too much makeup

“Keep it natural. Men don’t want to go in for a kiss and come out looking like they just joined the circus. Remember, foundation is supposed to be invisible to others and blend in with your skin. Stay away from glittery or shimmering eye makeup and NEVER use clumpy mascara. Minimal makeup is sexier.”

My alternate opinion: While it is true that a number of men feel that there is such a thing as too much makeup, the idea that this applies to all men just isn’t accurate. Also, women don’t wear makeup just for men…

Besides, by a certain age, many women will have found a way to apply their makeup in a way that makes them feel comfortable and in a way that makes them feel most attractive. The fantastic thing about makeup is that it’s so incredibly diverse – so there shouldn’t a uniform way of applying it.

2. Making an effort with your hair

“While a fancy hairstyle may be ok for a glamorous night out, men prefer natural-looking hair. It’s more attractive to look at and feels nicer to touch when it’s free of gels or sticky products.”

My alternate opinion: Again, your own personal style is for you and you only. If potential partners happen to find it attractive then great. If not, that’s also fine – there is someone out there for everyone and no one should have to conform to an ideal so that men will “fawn” over them. Being true to yourself is much more attractive than conforming.

3. Not shaving the hair on your body

“For the love of all that’s smooth — please shave. Men associate hair with testosterone and testicles so they don’t want to see it on a woman. Men like touching soft skin so say bye bye to the fuzz and make sure you use moisturizers and lotions to keep your skin smooth. It will send the message that you care about your hygiene.”

My alternate opinion: Shaving is time-consuming, it can take a lot of energy out of you, and it’s just plain boring. Also, why should we be expected to constantly ensure that our bodies almost entirely hairless?

“Men associate hair with testosterone and testicles” – well, that’s because after years of shoving this propaganda down our throats men and women have been conditioned into believing that being hairy is inherently unwomanly which just isn’t true.