A lesson in safe sex is something that many college students really benefit from taking part in.

Of course, I’m not referring to the sort of lessons that preach abstinence as the only option when it comes to safe sex, but those that give students a valuable and useful insight into how best to approach any sexual encounter they might have.

The best safe sex lessons will teach students how best to protect themselves from STDs, unwanted pregnancies and the importance of consent.

However, some teachers will go above and beyond to do their bit for today’s youth. In fact, a female lecturer at a university in Brazil has been slammed for performing a very X-rated demonstration on a student.

The video starts with the lecturer saying in Portuguese: “I’m going to do a practical demonstration for you” nearby a male student who is seen holding a plastic penis in his hand.

The demonstration was enacted in front of a mixed group of male and female students.

It involved the brazen lecturer getting down on her knees and putting a condom on a plastic penis held by a male student, using her mouth.

The incident is believed to have been filmed at a university in Bahia, a state in northeastern Brazil, however, this has not yet been confirmed.

The male student in question is surrounded by other students as they erupt into fits of laughter and take out their smartphones to film the demonstration.

However, not everybody found the situation so amusing and it has sparked endless criticism on social media.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself whether or not the demonstration was really warranted: