It’s the night before a big test and your mind is more focused on Netflix’s latest releases than the textbooks piled high in front of you. It’s a familiar struggle for every student, past and present (just replace Netflix for a GameBoy or Angry Birds) and, thus, methods of cheating have existed since the dawn of the education system.

As a student, you will do anything just to pass a test – aside from actually studying – but, would you risk it with these brave cheats…

1. The breast method

Girls, you may feel burdened by your boobs, but they’re actually an incredibly handy asset to have. Why? Because you can smuggle practically anything into an exam hall in your bra!

2. When facts become part of your sole

Now, as a teacher or law enforcement official, you may frown upon this brazen method. But, I think it shows true ingenuity which will be more beneficial to this student than the unnecessary facts ever will.

3. Curling out the answers

If you have tight curls, then the chances are you’ve lost things in your hair many times. But what if, for once, you put something in there intentionally?!

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