Ladies, I’d like to offer a heartfelt apology on behalf of the entire male population, because men have proven time and time again that they’re simply the worst.

Claiming to be the dominating gender and the breadwinner for their families, these he-men will become manbabies once the winter flu comes to town. Some would claim that men don’t cry, but if you’ve ever been in the vicinity of any male with something as small as the sniffles, you know all too well that it’s simply untrue. The term “man flu” has even made its way into the Oxford Dictionary to adequately describe just how annoying men can be when they get sick.

But while most women think their significant others might be over exaggerating their symptoms, science has come to the defense of men everywhere, proving once and for all that maybe (just maybe) it doesn’t all boil down to dramatics.

This past week, the medical world weighed in on the topic of the “man flu” thanks to a Canadian study published in The BMJ, which declared that men may actually get sicker than women when cold season hits.

Dr. Kyle Sue of the Memorial University of Newfoundland collected and analyzed all the relevant medical data he could find in regard to gender differences in the severity of flu symptoms.

Through his research, Sue concluded that there is substantial evidence to suggest that there is likely an immunity gap between men and women when it comes to cold and flu symptoms.

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