The most anticipated meal of the year is Christmas dinner. People spend weeks, sometimes longer, sourcing the perfect ingredients to make the big day special – whether that involves buying the biggest turkey they can find or making their own cranberry sauce.

However, 41-year-old Debra Parsons from Kent, England, plans to garnish her turkey and Christmas pudding with something different this year – her mother’s ashes.

Debra’s mother, Doreen Brown, suddenly died in May, and since then, she has been eating her ashes on a daily basis. Doreen sadly passed away from an airway obstruction during a chest infection, and Debra found her loss extremely difficult to deal with.

Doreen, however, is not the only person close to Debra that the 41-year-old has lost. Tragically, her son died during the Christmas of 1996 after being born prematurely. As a result, the festive period is a particularly difficult time of the year for her.

Debra revealed that she eats her mother’s ashes so that she can feel “as close as possible” to her. In an attempt to make them last for longer, Debra rations out her mother’s ashes and only consumes a spoonful a day.

However, her desire to eat her mother has grown stronger in the lead up to the festive season.