Cheaters always get caught, and karma was swift for one married man from central China. He flew 700 miles to meet a woman, only to be met by her angry husband and his friends.

Mr. Liu took a two-hour flight to Fuyuan in south-west China’s Yunnan Province to meet Ms. Duan, a woman he met online on a dating website. Ms. Duan is also married- although it is unclear whether or not Mr. Liu knew about Ms. Duan’s husband.

He certainly didn’t know her husband would be waiting for him upon arrival. It is believed Ms. Duan’s husband found out about her affair when he discovered her online dating profile.

The husband and a group of his friends waited for Mr. Liu, but rather than a verbal confrontation, things got physical. Ms. Duan’s husband and his crew all carried belts and began to repeatedly whip and beat Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu didn’t fight back. Instead, he leaned against a tree and took his punishment as four men shouted at him and whipped his back and legs. Video footage from the encounter has surfaced online.

In the video, bystanders do nothing to help Mr. Liu, and instead of intervening or calling for help, many take out their cell phones and begin filming the public shaming incident.

Ms. Duan is not seen in the recorded video footage. It is unclear if she has received any repercussions for her involvement in the extramarital affair.

While extreme, it seems Mr. Liu certainly learned his lesson the hard way: