We have all declared ourselves quiz masters, only to freeze under the pressure and be unable to answer a single question. Thankfully, this is usually only witnessed by our friends in the local pub, rather than millions of people across the world. While both scenarios result in the loss of your dignity, it is the latter that ends with you losing a significant amount of money.

This was learned the hard way by Spanish gameshow contestant, Alberto, who was hoping to crush his opponent on the trivia show, Who’s Still Standing?

The young hopeful was asked to provide the correct title for “Steve Rogers in The Avengers,” from the answers: ‘Doctor’, ‘Captain’ or ‘Sir’.

Naturally, if you haven’t watched The Avengers, or are clueless about the whole Marvel franchise, then you’d struggle to answer the question.

But, the funny thing about this is, Alberto was wearing a t-shirt which revealed the answer – which is of course, ‘Captain’ for Captain America.

Alberto appeared totally oblivious that his t-shirt hosted the answer to the question he was so desperately struggling to answer and ultimately chose the wrong answer, which prompted the studio and the show’s host, Arturo Valls, to crumble with laughter.

Pointing at his shirt, Valls looks appalled at the contestant, who looks equally appalled in himself.

Thankfully, Alberto managed to distract the audience from his blunder by getting on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend live on air, hoping that she was watching at home – a bold move considering his monumental mistake…