Sex should be one of the most natural things that we as human beings do. But, for some reason, we just cannot get it together.

Times have dramatically changed since the days in which our ancestors got down and dirty in a cave upon a fur throw by the fire in an animalistic fashion. Long gone are the times of prudish sex, exclusively performed in the comfort of your own home. No, this modern world boasts sex at every moment, from Miley Cyrus’ provocative performances to the sex toy superstores opening in every major mall.

With the internet getting dirtier, the introduction of the contraceptive pill and production of alarmingly realistic sex toys, it’s no wonder that the world feels a little overwhelmed at times. However, sometimes it’s best to take things back to basics and start fresh. Here are 12 ways you can improve your sex life instantly, and go from zero to hero in a few mindful minutes…

1. You’re thinking too hard about it (pun not intended)

Sex is simple. Sex is simple. Sex is simple. Get that permanently tattooed inside your mind. It’s supposed to be enjoyable for both parties and this is best achieved when you are both relaxed and at ease. Overthinking everything can prompt you to start making mistakes as you stop considering what you’re enjoying in an attempt to mimic that move you saw in a movie.

2. You don’t use your voice

Talking is key in every element of your life, especially when sex is concerned. The physical act of two people coming together isn’t quite like the movies make out, it requires a fair bit of vocalization to make these things a reality.

After all, you wouldn’t decorate your entire home without asking your partner for their input, would you? Because it’s not fair to only accommodate your tastes and preferences and totally ignore those of the person you supposedly care most about.

3. You think it’s bad sex if you don’t orgasm

Having an orgasm every single time you have sex is an unachievable goal. The goal should be to simply enjoy it. If that means you don’t achieve orgasm, then there’s always next time!