Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws, has dedicated much of his time to rescuing abandoned dogs in order to give them a new home.

However, one day, Hagar received a phone call from a woman who had witnessed something particularly distressing.

She had noticed several small, defenseless puppies emerging from a tiny cave and then going straight back in when they felt threatened.

The woman knew there must be a number of puppies although she couldn’t quite tell exactly how many because they were never out of the cave for long.

The woman explains how for a period of six hours she would watch them come in and out of the cave and decided there must be about eight of them.

When Hagar’s team of rescuers arrived at the scene, they saw that the six-week-old puppies were clearly starving. They tried to coax the little creatures to come out of their hiding place using bits of cheeseburger. Unfortunately, only a few of the puppies came out to feed on this cheeseburger.

And although the puppies that did come out were extremely brave to do so, they were very visibly wary of human contact. They had very little contact with people during their short lives and so hadn’t yet developed the ability to trust them.

Unfortunately, as soon as Hagar rescued the first puppy, the other puppies saw him as a threat and retreated back in the cave.

This heartwarming rescue needs to be seen to be believed: