Are you a moon landing believer or do you think the whole thing was a hoax? While many people think Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on a sound stage in California rather than on our moon, the following document might just change their minds.

It turns out the American President had prepared a speech in case the mission to the moon failed and astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin had to be left in space to die. It seems unlikely President Nixon would need such a thing if it was all a hoax.

On July 16, 1969, three astronauts launched into space for the Apollo 11 moon mission. Only two, Armstrong and Aldrin, would use the lunar module to land on the moon. It was the responsibility of the third astronaut, Michael Collins, to enter a lunar orbit and rendezvous with the others later.

The real danger came in the highly likely scenario that the lunar module would be unable to launch from the moon, or that it would be unable to meet back up with Collins on board the ship. According to Collins, there were 117 pages of possible scenarios he had to train for.

If anything went wrong, only Collins would return to Earth, while the others would have to stay, being forced to starve to death or commit suicide.