Despite the alarming number of people who have denied climate change, including the U.S. president, there’s plenty of evidence to prove not only that it’s happening, but that we’re the ones causing it.

Global temperatures are rising, shrinking ice sheets, making glaciers retreat, and taking away animals’ natural habitats. National geographic photographer Paul Nicklen became the unfortunate witness to the devastating effects global warming has on Earth’s creatures when he came across a starving polar bear during an expedition in the Baffin Islands.

Seals are the main staple of a polar bear’s diet, but with sea ice melting, they’re much more difficult to come by. This emaciated bear likely died of starvation shortly after being filmed.

Without food, polar bears wander into human settlements, seeking it out.

Feeding polar bears is illegal, so there isn’t much Nicklen or anyone else could have done to save it.

Watch the heartbreaking footage below.


(via National Geographic)

We may be the most intelligent beings on this planet, but we’re also the most destructive. Please share this video with everyone you know so they can see for themselves exactly what climate change looks like.


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