Footage of a car accident has gone viral because people cannot decide which of two parties involved is to blame.

The video was filmed by the driver of an HGV van who stopped at a junction and signaled to the driver of a black Mazda 6 that it was not safe to cross, having spotted an oncoming bus. However, the car’s driver misinterpreted his signal as a sign that it was safe to go.

As a result, the car drove into the path of the oncoming bus, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

The video was posted online after the collision and within a short space of time had received over 19,000 views. It sparked an intense debate about who was actually to blame for the accident – the driver of the HGV van or the driver of the Mazda 6.

The driver of the black Mazda 6 believed that Nick Elliot, who was driving the HGV van, was in the wrong because he assumed that he had stopped at the junction to give him way when, in reality, he had stopped to avoid blocking the junction.

“The car driver tried blaming me, saying I waved him across when actually I put a hand up to tell him to wait whilst I was looking in my left mirror at the bus. By the time I looked forward, he was pulling across so was too late,” Elliot said.

Check out the video of the collision and decide for yourself who is to blame: