Over the past year, Donald Trump has certainly proven to be a rather unconventional president, and when it comes to his personal habits, it’s already been revealed he is quite an interesting man.

Aside from previous reports revealing that he has a strange way of drinking water, watches several hours of television on the regular, and enjoys multiple bun-less Big Macs in one sitting, there are plenty of other peculiar things to know about Trump.

Below we’ve compiled nine of President Trump’s most bizarre day-to-day habits. Are you guilty of any of them?  Keep reading to find out!

1. He’s a germophobe.

President Trump is a self-professed germophobe. He’s apparently a fiend for hygiene, washing his hands multiple times a day and reportedly doesn’t really like shaking hands. He also refuses to touch the ground floor button in an elevator because it’s the most touched.

Trump also likes to eat everything with a knife and fork and prefers fast food chain restaurants because of their cleanliness standards.

2. He’s a fast food fanatic.

It’s no secret Trump loves his McDonald’s, but he also loves his pizza and fried chicken, too. He’s also been known to chow down on potato chips, Oreos, and chocolate milkshakes. I suppose for a man who doesn’t drink or smoke, he’s got to have a few bad habits.

According to an article in the New York Times, Trump likes his extra calories. He orders his salads smothered in dressing and bacon, and asks for an extra scoop of ice cream with dessert.