Matt Damon should probably just keep his mouth shut.

The 47-year-old actor continues to comment on the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal, but rather than wholeheartedly stand up for victims, he continues to try to find wiggle room for the accused!

While lately, Damon has been eager to condemn Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis CK, he has previously been accused of standing up for brothers and close friends Ben and Casey Affleck. Both have sexual misconduct allegations against them.

Casey Affleck, in particular, has been accused of rape and settled two claims of sexual misconduct against him in 2009 from two women he worked with on the movie I’m Still Here. 

Damon helped bury any media attention Affleck was getting related to the alleged misconduct, and supposedly joked, quite distastefully, that “Casey finally needs a Golden Globe. Maybe that protects Casey from real scrutiny.”

While not accused of any sexual abuse himself, he is also said to have helped cover up early accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was nearly exposed as a sexual predator back in 2004. How many additional women had to suffer in those 13 years?

Damon was one of multiple Hollywood figures who made personal calls and used influence to kill the story. He also vouched for Weinstein employee Fabrizio Lombardo, who was in charge of “taking care of Weinstein’s women needs.”