It’s no surprise that parents sometimes use bribes to get their children to listen and follow their instructions, but kids can be crafty, too.

If you’re an only child like me, getting everything you wanted was a lot easier than if you had siblings, but if a kid has some negotiating skills, even the sibling obstacle can be overcome. Some kids make empty promises like mowing the lawn or getting better grades to bargain with their parents for the hottest toys or the coolest new video games. But when it comes time to commit to bringing an animal home, even the craftiest kiddos have to go to desperate measures.

Danielle Grubisic recently shared her little sister’s masterful attempt at guilting her dad into getting her a cat.

“My little sister made a ‘wall of sorrow’ to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat,” she writes.

The wall was a combination of sad cat photos and notes that the little girl hoped would pull on her father’s heartstrings.

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