You know how some people who are trying to quit smoking say they’d kill for a cigarette? Well, this lady wasn’t joking when she threatened passengers and crew on her flight from Portland to Sacramento.

On December 9, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant on Flight 2943 caught 24-year-old Valerie Curbelo smoking in the plane’s restroom. She’d reportedly also been tampering with the smoke detector. When the crew made her go back to her seat, she ripped an oxygen mask out of the ceiling and began screaming, going as far as to demand the plane land immediately.

“I will kill everybody on this fucking plane!” she yelled. She had to be restrained for 30 minutes after the video ended.


(via The Salt Lake Tribune)

The pilots ended up making an emergency landing in Sacramento, the initial destination. Police at the airport arrested Curbelo on a felony charge of making a death threat. When a reporter visited her in jail and asked why she’d made such a scene, she didn’t have much of an answer besides chalking it up to anxiety.

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