Deep in a forest in Malino Brdo, Slovakia, two mountain bikers encountered a huge grizzly bear, and it made for some very spine-chilling viewing. The footage was captured by one of the men who was coincidentally equipped with a helmet cam.

Dušan Vinžík, one of the bikers, posted the unnerving footage on YouTube. It shows the exact moment when the bear suddenly appears out of nowhere in the middle of Malino Brdo Ski and Bike Park – one of the best bike parks on the planet.

The park spans 6.2 miles and has 10 different trails, so those who venture in often come into contact with all kinds of rarely-seen creatures. But the men weren’t expecting to have such a close encounter with an animal that could have easily killed them both.

The truth is that they were lucky that they only came across one bear as there are many grizzly bears in this part of Slovakia. In fact, according to a travel article published in The Guardian in 2009, the population of bears in the region is one of the highest in Europe.

“No one knows for sure how many bears live in the Tatras, but current estimates suggest about 800,” the article revealed. “Thanks to enlightened protection policies in the 1930s and the creation of Tatra national park in 1948, the bears here have survived the hunting that decimated other populations in Europe.”

It is incredible that the two men managed to survive the terrifying ordeal. To watch their narrow escape, check out the video below: