Every human has that one thing that they feel they couldn’t live without. For me, it’s chocolate. For Donald Trump, it’s Twitter. For Shane Trench, it was Coca-Cola.

The 21-year-old, from Cheshire, England, guiltlessly guzzled 40 cans of the carbonated caffeinated drink every day at the height of his addiction. Like any addict, Shane was completely oblivious as to how dangerous his lifestyle was because of his daily drinking habit.

However, unlike being reliant on drugs or alcohol, there is less stigma attached to Coca-Cola abuse. There are no rehabilitation centers established exclusively for those who binge on too many soft drinks. In addition, you are free to consume them at your leisure in any place you like without scrutiny.

So, it’s easy to slip into a vicious cycle of carbonated dependency.

As a result, Shane brazenly sipped on around 40 cans of the drink every day, which saw him consume 5,250 calories in drinks alone – more than double his recommended daily intake. Combined with his penchant for fast food and sugary snacks, Shane saw his weight balloon to 448 lbs.

“My weight spiraled out of control,” the chip shop manager told Metro. “I was 32 stones (448 lbs) and every day I would struggle to do basic things such as walk up and down the stairs.”