We would be naive to think that there is not life on another planet. It may not be life as we know it, with creatures that look, talk and walk like us, but they certainly exist – and NASA have essentially just confirmed it.

Yesterday, NASA revealed the latest findings of the Kepler telescope, a space observatory which has been busy prowling the galaxy for ‘exoplanets’ – the name of worlds found orbiting distant stars – since 2009.

Since the Kepler’s mission began, it has found 3,710 confirmed exoplanets in about 2,780 star systems – discoveries which have made science nerds across the world very excited.

But, if you thought that was impressive, then you ain’t heard nothing yet!

Based upon Kepler’s mass of data, astronomers have estimated that there could be as many as 40 billion rocky, Earth-size exoplanets within the Milky Way. It is thought that 11 million of these planets may be orbiting Sun-like stars, the nearest being 12 lightyears away.

Knowing this, it is impossible for us to assume that we are the only intelligent life in this universe, and thus, there must be alien life existing on at least one of these other planets.