An unidentified woman has been captured on video screaming at her husband and best friend after catching them in the act in the back of a parked car.

It has been reported that the woman, who is clearly livid at the shocking revelation, installed a tracking device on her husband’s car and followed him and her best friend as they drove to a multi-story parking lot.

The woman had become increasingly suspicious of her husband, who she had only recently married, because he seemed to be hiding something from her.

Upon seeing her best friend, Ashley, and her husband together with his pants round his ankles, she furiously starts shouting and swearing at the pair.

The woman tells her friend, Ashley, in no uncertain terms to “stop playing f**king dumb with me” and then says to her new husband “you wanna f**k her, f**k her right now.”

She then announces something which should have been obvious anyway: “this marriage is over. You’ve f**ked up my life you f**king a**hole”.

“Why did you take out your f**king p*cker you b*stard?” she asks.

She then says to Ashley, “you’re full of s**t, go f**k yourself” after which she sticks her middle finger up at her and tells her to “go f**king die in a hole.”

Then, another unidentified person behind the camera tells the woman’s husband “you came just to f**k her. They just got married.”

View the shocking footage for yourself in the video below: