If you were to walk into any high school and ask the teenage boys to describe their perfect woman, the chances are that a majority of them will reel off the names their favorite adult actresses. This fascination for sexually adventurous women doesn’t dull with age, for if you were to ask most males to name their perfect woman over a pint in the pub, the chances are they’d choose a typically sexy star.

However, in reality, there are very few men that would date these women. Because in real life, dating a porn star would require you to share your partner with multiple other men – and women. For the majority, that aspect suddenly makes the whole fantasy seem a little repulsive.

But, for 32-year-old Mike Adkins, dating an adult actress is everything he hoped it would be. The events planner met 30-year-old Allie Haze four years ago, and despite the fact that she has appeared in over 350 adult films, he is happier than ever.

“It doesn’t bother me that she’s with other men as far as work,” Mike explains to the Daily Mail. “If it was something where she was just like, ‘I’m going out Friday night, going to hook up with some people’, that would 100 per cent bother me. There are times that she has been offered to do certain movies or whatever and I am just not very comfortable.”

“I mean, yeah, it’s a different job than being a receptionist or something, but at the end of the day you can’t base a relationship around each other’s career,” he says.