Despite having one of the most successful shows in the world, James Corden cannot seem to get it quite right. His reputation as a funny man is quickly being overshadowed by multiple blunders that are threatening to tarnish his name.

Back in October, the British actor-turned American television host caused controversy when he made multiple ill-judged jokes in the initial stages of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Clearly unable to read his audience – a room packed with the Hollywood elite, many of whom had spoken out against Weinstein – Corden brazenly read several crass jokes which fell appallingly flat.

A few months prior to that, the 39-year-old father-of-two, hit the headlines after photographs of him jokingly kissing the controversial former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, at the Emmy Awards circulated online. People were outraged that Corden would acknowledge a man who’d defended some of President Trump’s most scandalous decisions.

While this may have been the first look at Corden in his prime to his new fans, to those who have followed his career over the years, it was no surprise. After all, how could we forget that moment he interrupted Adele at the 2014 BRIT Awards?

But, the latest scandal to hover over The Late Late Show host’s head was sparked after he kissed global superstar Harry Styles during the Christmas Carpool Karaoke session.

The clip, which would have been recorded at the same time that Harry Styles did his own Carpool Karaoke, which aired back in May this year, has angered a lot of people online who claim that it is offensive to people in the LGBT community.