Usually, when experts in a certain field inform us of something which we as the general public have no direct knowledge of, we tend to believe it. I mean, we have no other choice, right?

When food experts tell us that the average man should maintain a diet of about 2,500 calories and the average woman should aim for about 2,000 calories, we believe them.

Or when medical experts demonstrate the best ways to manually check for certain cancers, we trust their opinion.

But while NASA astronauts have an expert knowledge of all things space, there will always be the same old conspiracy theorists who insist on doubting these very experts.

In fact, often these people will flat out (no pun intended) deny the experience and extensive research astronauts have done in their field.

On a very basic level, those of us who aren’t astronauts or astronomers know that there is evidence proving that Earth takes the shape of a sphere. Just look at the moon or the sun – why would they be round and Earth be flat? Then there’s all the photographic evidence from our satellites.

And incredibly, the flat-Earth theory was actually being challenged thousands of years ago.

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