A newlywed couple from Charleston, South Carolina had an incomparably terrifying experience in the Caribbean and it has been captured on video in its entirety.

Whilst on his honeymoon, Evan Carroll managed to film the very harrowing moment his new wife, Sarah Illig, was attacked by a massive and physically imposing nurse shark.

The couple spent their exotic vacation in pure bliss before the attack, which Illig initially believed was a prank her husband was playing on her.

Worryingly, nurse sharks are typically regarded as tourist attractions and people can even pay to swim with them.

And that’s because generally speaking, they are reasonably friendly animals who tend to feed on much smaller sea creatures and so have no need to attack humans.

Unless their fins are pulled or they are provoked in other ways, nurse sharks typically have no desire to sink their teeth into people swimming in the water.

While snorkeling in the sea, the large five foot nurse shark swam towards her, latched onto her outstretched arm and dug its teeth into it.

“Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark bigger than myself latch on to my arm,” Illig later explained.

During the video, screams from an extremely alarmed Illig can be heard as she realizes the predatory creature is closing in on her.

Incredibly, Illig managed to survive the distressing ordeal which is featured in the video below: