We have all seen The Hangover and Bridesmaids, so we know perfectly well that the final sendoff before you get married can get out of hand.

But, once you’ve dedicated every spare dime and minute that you have on planning the big day, why shouldn’t you relax a little? After all, it is your last chance to go wild before the crippling world of mortgages, loans, home improvements and children take over.

That is exactly what 26-year-old Laura Pascoe thought when she indulged in some wild partying during her bachelorette party in Swansea, Wales.

The bride-to-be, who’d been partying with her friends, got a little too carried away when she exuberantly threw her leg up onto a podium bar whilst in dancing in a club. However, being under the influence of alcohol, the officer worker failed to correctly judge the distance.

Instead, she ended up making a catastrophic error which left her wearing an unsightly cast on her leg for her wedding day the following month.

Pascoe had to go through a 45-minute emergency surgery to have plates screwed into her left leg after she went crashing to the floor as her friend filmed the whole incident.

The footage makes for shocking viewing, especially if you’re a bride preparing for your big day. Let this video be a lesson to you on how not to behave on your bachelorette party if you want to walk down the aisle in one piece!

We send our best wishes to Laura, who has since married her fiancé, Thomas. Let’s hope their marriage is less dramatic!