In some ways, 2017 was a pretty decent year. I mean, we had Warren Beatty’s hilarious Oscar blunder right at the start of the year, the impressive, albeit expensive iPhone X was released and then, of course, there was the royal engagement announcement.

However, in many ways, we were all totally screwed over these last 12 months because a lot of us got the complete opposite of what we were expecting in 2017.

Here are the most infuriating examples of disappointment to occur this year:

1.  Whoever thought this was a good idea was totally bananas

But hey, it was gluten-free – you can’t fault them on that.

2. A bed? It’s barely even a cushion

Does he look like a chihuahua?

3. He thought they were a sick pair of sneakers

“A pair of slippers? Do I look like Cinderella?”

This next person really crossed the line when they totally screwed over a small defenseless child. What has the world come to?!