NASA is about to make a major announcement, and it’s likely the news could have something to do with alien life! While everyone is being rather quiet on exactly what’s up at the space agency, it is known that the announcement is about the Kepler telescope.

The Kepler space telescope is NASA’s new planet-finding detector. More specifically, it is used to find exoplanets, which are inhabitable worlds similar to Earth that orbit their own stars and are capable of supporting life.

The telescope was launched back in 2009 when scientists did not know how common exoplanets are, but thanks to Kelper, it turns out there are many exoplanets that are capable of alien life – which has significantly increased the likelihood of us making contact!

While the telescope completed its main mission in 2012, it has still been transmitting data back to Earth. Two years later, in 2014, Kepler began a new mission called K2. The goal was to find even more exoplanets as well as study other cosmic phenomena.

There has been so much new information that scientists are having trouble sifting through it all and deciding which new exoplanets to focus on.