Why are theme parks predominantly marketed as entertainment destinations for children? Why do few people acknowledge the fact that adults are attracted to thrillseeking rides and candyfloss too? Is it too much to ask for a theme park exclusively for adults?

After all, the world needs a place where the staff don’t dress up as cartoon characters, where height charts aren’t applicable, and where you can indulge in a little adult activity. Now, the world’s first sex-themed amusement park is soon to open its doors – to adults only!

Erotikaland is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and it is soon going to be opening its doors to the general public after several years of construction. With erotic games and a “sex playground”, it has plenty of thrills which are guaranteed to make you scream. Literally

The highly-anticipated theme park – which is being lorded as “Disneyland for adults” – will allow you to sit inside a phallus-shaped bumper car as you forcefully ram into your friends and total strangers. Talk about getting hit with a hard-on!

Erotikaland, which cost $22.4 million to build according to the New York Times, boasts a cinema with vibrating seats and the curiously named “train of pleasure”. There is also an erotic sculpture park which will add a humorous twist to your Instagram timeline.

Treats on offer at Erotikaland are a far cry away from your typical, stale pretzel that other amusement parks offer. Instead of a novelty ice pop, Erotikaland serves up aphrodisiac snacks to get guests in the mood – like oysters, chocolate, and avocados.