Celebrities are everywhere. Their Hollywood smiles are plastered over our television screens and billboards, not to mention their domination of social media platforms, and there’s a constant slew of news reports about them.

As a result, we think we know everything about our favorite celebrities. That is until we see a rare photograph of them from back in the day which takes us back to a time when they were up to all kinds of unexpected and adorable things!

Here are 23 vintage photographs of celebrities like you’ve never seen them before…

1. Michael Jordan playing basketball with Michael Jackson in 1992

Two legends on one basketball court!

2. The Kennedys’ Christmas at the White House in 1962

It was a full house that year!

3. Steven Spielberg on the set of E.T.

A true legend at work – Spielberg too.

This next celebrity divided opinions since the beginning of his career. Some believe that he was vulgar and sexist and others credit him for being a monumental player in the sexual revolution. This next vintage photo, however, is pretty fishy for one very big reason…