They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but if your parents are anything like mine, that collection of treasure soon becomes a hoarder’s den of random trinkets and some totally inexplicable finds.

Growing up we’ve all acquired a desire for collecting random objects that we find interesting or worthy of keeping. Out of context, though, the trinkets we value may seem weird as hell to others.

With the holidays in full swing, many of us will be venturing to our parents’ homes to partake in Christmas dinner. And when the embarrassing baby pictures aren’t enough, there’s that one weird-ass thing Mom picked up in Aruba two summers back. Here are 20 of the strangest things adults have discovered while visiting their moms and dads.

1. The toilet really makes this entire room that much more depressing.

2. This Christmas ornament is a little too excited about the holidays.

3. Some people simply don’t believe in privacy.

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