Last month, a house caught on fire on an otherwise ordinary Monday afternoon in Norfolk, Virginia. The incident was undoubtedly tragic, but now video footage of a woman called Rhoda Young “reporting” on the incident has been making waves on the internet.

And there’s a good reason for that – Rhoda Young isn’t actually a reporter, but boy was she playing the part in a live stream to Facebook. In the now viral video, Young dramatically reports on the scenes, whilst giving her own opinions on who may have started the fire.

The video begins with Young in a vehicle with an unidentified man behind the wheel. “I’m going live right here on the fire scene,” Young exclaims enthusiastically to her Facebook friends and followers. “The firetruck is behind me.”

When Young eventually arrives at the scene of the house fire, she loudly proclaims, “We’re going to see to this b****!”

“Attention, this is Rhoda Young reporting live. I’m a volunteer.”

At that point, the fire was still raging on and was threatening to spread to neighboring houses. The dedicated amateur journalist reports on the scene for about 54 minutes, repeatedly telling her Facebook Live viewers, “I’m Rhoda Young, live on the scene.”

Later on in the impressive faux news report, Young comes up with a brilliant solution to stopping the flames from causing further damage while the firefighters are at work, “Let’s get the house sprayed down with some water!”

Young’s hard-hitting journalism continued when she came into contact with the battalion chief who shot her a look which implied that her efforts weren’t appreciated. However, this didn’t deter her from continuing her journalistic ramblings.

Throughout the video, Young proves to be a dominant force, and, despite having no real influence over anyone, she insists that the house be needs “sprayed down with some water” and warned those around her about a falling power line which was captured in the video.

Young can then be seen demanding that Dominion Power shut off electricity access for the entire neighborhood. Young then begins talking to the owner of the burning home, pictured below, who was later identified in news reports as Donald William Stricker III.

Stricker initially tells Young that when he came back to his home with a six-pack of PBR cans, he discovered that his house had caught fire.

However, the very perceptive amateur reporter notices something suspicious. “Hey your hair is burned and your pants are burned,” she tells him. It then immediately becomes clear that Stricker isn’t being entirely honest about what has happened to his house.

While continuing to live stream the incident, Young maintains that she believes Stricker was responsible for the fire which is corroborated when a neighbor tells Young that Stricker confessed to starting the fire. Minutes later, Stricker can be seen being taken away in handcuffs.

Watch the video below to see the dramatic scenes unfold for yourself!